On your route along Kopparleden you will travel through a cross-section of Nordic scenery: Mountains, valleys, meadows, forests, lakes, rivers and massifs. You also have the choice of encountering nature in its original form or by visiting zoos and the informative nature museums. Here follow some fine examples.

Sahlins struts, Borlänge
Ostrich Farm with guided tours and ostrich products.

Naturum Dalarna, Siljansnäs
Information center, museum, nature trail, observation tower. Here you can learn more about Dalarna nature and culture. Besides the permanent exhibition offers temporary exhibitions, guided tours and lectures

Levande fäbodar
Dalarna is Sweden’s  pasture densest scenery. Today there are 600-700 left mountain pastures in Dalarna. All over our area’s many living pastures where they keep animals in summer on the old fashioned way.

Navardalens Vildmarksstation
Beautifully located on Navarsjön. Fishing, hiking, mountain-rich rock. Bear and moose-rich areas.

Orsa Grönklitts Björnpark, Grönklitt
Europe’s biggest bear park. In large enclosures roam you can view bears, polar bears, wolves, lynx, Siberian tigers and Persian leopards.

Älvdalens fiskecenter
Worldclass fly fishing. Hire a guide to improve your “fishingluck” or take a course and learn to fly fisch or work on your technique.

Moose Adventure, Särna
Located in Mörkret, at the foot of Fulufjället National Park, is this different and exciting experience. Guided tour of 65.000 sqm. natural enclosure in search of moose. Warranty: everyone will see them.

Kanottur med bäversafari, Idre
Guided tour by canoe to look for the shy beavers and see their huts.

Fulufjällets Nationalpark
The mountain is made ​​up of Dalecarlian bricks, the mountain edge cuts deep gorges into the bedrock. The main attraction is Njupeskär, Sweden’s highest waterfall with a 93 meter drop of 70 meters free fall. There is also Fulufjällets Naturum







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